Show fraud who's boss.

Control each of your cards and protect every purchase you make, all with a single app. CardValet® lets you decide when, where, and how your cards are used — directly from your smartphone.

Gain Total Control of Your Cards


Turn Your Card "On" or "Off" Through Your Mobile Device

Lost your card? Or maybe you just want to stop spending. Activate and deactivate it as needed at the tap of a button.


Set-Up Alerts to Notify You When Your Card is Being Used

Alerts offer around-the-clock tracking, letting you know when your card is used and what it’s being used on.

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Set Location Restrictions

Whether you’re spending time abroad or never leaving town, define exactly where your card is allowed to be used.

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Register Multiple Credit and Debit Cards Tied to an Account

Turn CardValet® into a hub for managing each of your cards, from debit to credit. It’s simple, secure, and in one spot.


Check Balances and Review Recent Card Transactions

Don’t just manage your card — monitor it. Use the app to check on your balance, transaction history, and more.

Watch CardValet® in Action

Check out this video to learn the ins and outs of the app. It’s powerful money management, right at your fingertips — and it works with any Northeast debit or credit card.

CardValet® is a Click Away

Download the app on your device.

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